AFFTA and USAC Team Up to Defend Stream Access


USAC is fighting for public stream access in Utah on two fronts! To take on the opposition, USAC has teamed up with AFFTA, Patagonia and Hatch Outdoors to offer a Matching Funds Campaign for desperately needed resources.  Our attorneys are working pro-bono, but there are still many supplementary costs to be covered.  Showing their continued dedication to the interest of anglers everywhere, AFFTA has stepped to the plate again to offer $2,500. USAC needs to raise that same amount in order to receive the funds. Since a USAC donation is not tax deductible, we are offering supporters amazing GEAR GIFTS from Patagonia and Hatch Outdoors that are perfect for any river warrior.  The case in Utah represents a slippery slope for angling access in all states.  Please show your support for public access to rivers by donating today!

USAC’s work is undertaken by a team of dedicated volunteers and 100% of funds are used to fight for stream access. USAC is not a store and is not selling products.


USAC is proud to present a joint effort fundraiser campaign.

  • $250.00 Donation | Patagonia Rock Grip Boots
  • $300.00 Donation | Patagonia Rock Grip Boots Bar Boots
  • $600.00 Donation | Hatch 5-Plus Premium Fly Fishing Reel

To Make Your Contribution:

  • Contact using the subject “AFFTA-USAC 2013”
  • You must be an AFFTA Memberto participate. Not a member? No problem.  Sign up here.
  • Indicate the GIFT that you would like to receive (Limited quantities of each)

                   ONLY TWO WEEKS TO DONATE – Feb. 1-15 2013


Utah Stream Access Heads to Court for More Rounds

Utah’s already-precarious stream access law is under fire again.  The case represents a battle over the state’s poorly worded, and thereby weak, Public Trust Doctrine, which has little, if any, definition as it currently stands. The duties are held by the Legislature as “trustee” to the doctrine. This includes land, water, stream use, access, and appropriated water. Trust duties of the Legislature should be for the benefit of the public trust; instead the current case thrust forward by opponents of stream access will only benefit private interests.

At the moment, a new bill, HB68, is trying to designate HB141 as established “Utah Public Trust Doctrine.” HB141 is a new law that reversed the recreational easement established in Conatser v. Johnson, a 2008 Utah Supreme Court case that permitted the public to walk on the private bed of a public waterbody.  Rep. Kay McCiff is claiming his past Legislation has done its duties and his bill (HB 141) is good enough.

HB 141 is presently under ligation in the courts.  In the meantime, HB68 represents an attempt to cunningly cover for the bill under fire.  Rep. McCiff is attempting to secure his legal framework with this new bill, HB68, at all costs, even if this means limiting the public drinking water and creating new terms for property rights.

With support from AFFTA and other angling groups, the all-volunteer Utah Stream Access Coalition team won Round 1 in 2011, but they need your help again now. Please take action to oppose HB 68.

AFFTA and USAC will launch another matching grant opportunity in the near future to assist with Rounds 2 and 3 . . . Stay tuned.

For live updates, visit the Utah Stream Access Coalition’s Facebook page.

AFFTA announces matching fund for Utah Stream Access Coalition

Asking members to show support for recreational fishing access in Utah.

AFFTA President, Randi Swisher, has announced the formation of a matching fund to be used to support the Utah Stream Access Coalition’s challenge to the constitutionality of Utah’s Public Waters Access Act. “We are going to match up to $2,500.00 in contributions from our members who contribute to the fund,” said Swisher. “We know our members care about access, we have heard that loud and clear and we are asking them to join with us in this financial support.”

AFFTA is asking its members to notify AFFTA when they make a contribution to the coalition. AFFTA will match that contribution dollar for dollar up to a total of $2500.00. The money will be used by the coalition for court costs, witnesses and other related litigation expenses. Without financial support from industry and anglers it maybe a lost cause. “We don’t have a huge financial war chest for things like this,” said AFFTA Treasurer Scott Harkins. “But we want our members to know we will support important challenges to our businesses like this one if they will.”
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