Balancing Energy Development

We understand the challenges our country faces in seeking to discover and produce additional energy resources within the US. But we need to understand and not buy off on private industry’s current plans, with government’s approval, the extraction of energy that negatively impacts our hunting and fishing opportunities, along with the future sustainability of our natural resources.

As an example, highlight the efforts in the Rocky Mountain West of oil and gas development that is occurring at an unprecedented rate. Since 1996, 25.5 million acres have been leased in this geographic area with millions of acres of wildlife habitat already being converted to industrial zones carved by drill pads, roads, power lines and pipelines. The pace and intensity of this development are quickly overwhelming the ability of wildlife to adapt to a changing landscape.

While the number of wells has been increasing in the Rocky Mountain States, the spacing between wells has been falling to 20 acres or less in many of these fields, posing threats to wildlife habitat. The poster child highlighting the negative impact that energy development can bring is readily seen in the Pinedale, WY area. This area has gained notoriety in many national publications about its negative impact to wildlife, the changing culture of this small town and impact to tourism in the state of WY.

The West’s fish and wildlife belong to the people of these states and all Americans. We have the right and obligation to demand that these irreplaceable resources be protected. Our message is to hold accountable, state and federal agencies along with the energy companies, by having them develop long term conservation strategies to assure protection of our valuable natural resources and wildlife, before leases are approved and a final extraction process is given.

Call to Action

Inform your customers of the threats that energy development can pose.
Join a local group and other groups working to protect one of your favorite places to fish.

Contact your local Senate and House Member, as well as those in the Rocky Mountain regions, to let them know your stance on this important issue.

Use your website to educate your customers on this important issue.
Support groups working aggressively to protect our lands and provide information on the issues.

For more detailed information, check out these organizations who are aggressively working on the energy development issues: