In addition to the Executive Committee, there are a number of other committees comprised of AFFTA Board of Director members, and in some instances, non-Board members. Non-Board members serve on various committees based upon their professional experience and their ability to donate a portion of their time to the industry trade association.

Consumer Recruitment Committee

The Consumer Recruitment Committee is charged with overseeing the consumer marketing function of the Association by developing and managing existing and alternative customer recruitment channels. Learn more >>

Executive Committee

The charge of the Executive Committee is to oversee the business and affairs of AFFTA to accomplish the mission and objectives of the Association. Learn more >>

Government Allies and Alliances Committee (GAA)

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association advocates on behalf of its members, keeping watch on existing and potential laws and policies that significantly affect our members’ business and the sport of fly-fishing itself. Learn more >>

Nominating Committee

Starting in March of each year, the Nominating Committee begins the process of selecting individuals within the membership to be nominated for election to the Board of Directors at the next annual membership meeting. Learn more >>

Strategic Plan Committee

Strategic Plan Committee will evaluate AFFTA’s strategic plan to reaffirm and if necessary make changes to the Association’s mission, vision, and values. Learn more >>

Trade Development Committee

AFFTA is the obvious choice to promote fly-fishing related businesses in the United States. The Trade Development Committee seeks venues and opportunities to create strong, stable, profitable and engaged fly-fishing related businesses and to allow… Learn more >>

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