Andrew Bennett

andrew-bennett-bonefishAndrew is the President and principal owner of Deneki Outdoors.  Deneki Outdoors owns and operates fly fishing lodges in Alaska on the Kanektok River (Alaska West), in British Columbia on the Dean River (BC West), on South Andros Island in the Bahamas (Andros South), and in Southern Chile (Chile West).

Andrew founded Deneki Outdoors in 2004 and has led the company’s expansion over the past 7 years.  As President, Andrew focuses on building strong industry relationships and leads the company’s sales and marketing efforts, with an emphasis on online marketing and public relations.

Andrew was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and grew up with a love of the outdoors passed on from his family.  After a successful stint in the software industry, Andrew founded Deneki Outdoors to realize his passion for fly fishing and to build a long-term career in the industry.  He has been a member of the AFFTA board since 2011.  Andrew lives in Seattle with his wife Tamara and their children Allison and Zachary.

From the early days at Deneki Outdoors I have focused on building strong industry relationships.  I believe that my business is only as strong as the industry as a whole – we all need to focus on ‘making the pie bigger’.  AFFTA’s priorities of outreach, advocacy and building strong businesses inside our industry mirror my goals as I grow our business at Deneki Outdoors.  I welcome the challenge of continuing to serve our industry as an AFFTA board member.